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The Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration (MCRI) was founded in 1995 as a non-partisan, non-profit immigration reduction organization. MCRI's primary goal is to educate Americans about the need to restore sanity to our legal and illegal immigration policies that should benefit the entire United States rather than only certain special interest groups. MCRI supports immigration reform legislation that strives to reduce legal immigration to its traditional levels of about 250,000 people annually and insists on strict enforcement of our laws on illegal immigration, including deporting those who have no right to be here.

"If you want to learn about immigration, don't read newspapers."

        - Brian Perryman, former Chicago District Director, Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

"Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave."

Cesar Chavez

"I think the kind of immigration that hurts poor people the most is clearly not in the country's interest. We should have an immigration (policy) that attempts to equalize the wage gap, not make it worse."

Senator Gaylord Nelson

" this country, it's phony to say, 'I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration.' It's just a fact that we can't take all the people who want to come here. And you don't have to be a racist to realize that."

Watch us grow!
US population is increasing by over 2.5 million per year! Since American women had voluntarily achieved replacement-level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972, nearly 90 percent of our current population growth is related to immigration.

Prof. Al Bartlett

"Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavor on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases in population, locally, nationally, or globally?"

Antonio Garza, Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow

"There is no human right to enter another country in violation of its laws."

Thomas Sowell, Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow

"Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them."