Mark Pocan: Master of deceit on immigration policy

Rep. Mark Pocan continues to leave his constituents guessing as to where he stands on the nation’s federally-created immigration crisis.

On record as supporting the doubling of annual legal immigration to more than 2 million people as well as the number of guest workers, amnesty for nearly 11 million illegals and, oh, yes, ending credible enforcement of our immigration laws by abolishing ICE, my open-borders congressman says he’s not happy with the new trade deal President Trump signed with Canada and Mexico because the agreement “will not stop the damage done by NAFTA, including job outsourcing, wage suppression, and environmental degradation.”  Mass immigration doesn't suppress wages and result in an exploding population that contributes to economic degradation?

At best, Pocan comes off as a true Democrat -- of decades ago.

Not to be outdone, however, the GOP again reminded us that they remain the party of cheap foreign labor.  Several leading Republicans, including retiring Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, just proposed doubling the number of annual H-2B visas to 132,000.  These visas allow employers to bring in temporary, low-skilled foreigners, many of them who work in non-agricultural industries like hospitality, landscaping and food processing.  These jobs in the past were eagerly sought by many Americans, especially young students.

This outright hypocrisy and betrayal of our native-born workers by politicians will continue unabated as long as President Trump, who promised during his campaign to create an immigration policy that puts Americans first, refuses to actively campaign for mandatory E-Verify for all employers.  (By the way, The Washington Times reports that only five of Mr. Trump's 565 businesses use E-Verify.)  As long as illegal aliens know we will not hold employers accountable, they will continue to wipe their feet on our sovereignty and then argue they are entitled to respect and dignity. 

Matters aren’t helped either by rampant public apathy.  Millions of  “Americans” know full well that our immigration crisis is a creation of our federal government and its media accomplices but remain cowering in the background instead of standing up for their country that is being bled dry by those who benefit most from mass immigration and the selling out of this nation’s soul.