Sen. Herb Kohl no friend of American workers

Upon his passing, Herb Kohl has received well-deserved praise for his dedication and service to Wisconsin. 

But it also should be noted that like the rest of his Democratic colleagues in Congress, he was no friend of the American worker.  During his 24 years as our U.S. senator, his immigration voting record produced a disappointing “D” grade from NumbersUSA, the Arlington, VA-based immigration reduction organization.

His failure in this regard calls into question his oft-quoted claim that he was “Nobody’s senator but yours.”  I want to believe that in his heart of hearts Mr. Kohl never bought the debunked arguments about “labor shortages” or “jobs American won’t do.”  He was simply following the Democratic Party’s line and doing his part to ensure that the business community, of which he was part, always had a bountiful supply of foreign workers, many of them illegal, willing to work for less than their American counterparts.