Sovereignty issue puts Founding Fathers in the same league as Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un

Lee Enterprises columnist Pat Nash, who often writes about American politics, said because the Founding Fathers advocated national sovereignty, this puts them in the same league as Adolf Hitler, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

She made this comparison in a January 5 email to me after I expressed concern that our national sovereignty is in danger of being destroyed by an irresponsible immigration policy created by congressional Democrats and Republicans.

“Hitler, Kim Jong-Un, Putin and other dictators,” she wrote, “were/are really big on national sovereignty.  Instead of countries working together to solve the world's problems, they implemented on bullying (sic) and "We're better than you are.  (National sovereignty) never helped one country and never will.”

Sovereignty means people have the unalienable right, i.e the God-given right to govern themselves.  It is this single idea that the signers of the Declaration of Independence risked everything, including their lives, in order to create a political system never before seen in the world.

Ms. Nash’s failure to understand that sovereignty or, if you prefer, self-determination, is the foundation on which this republic was created, is very troubling.

Perhaps a refresher course in civics is what Ms. Nash needs before resuming her one-dimensional political commentary.