Goals of Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration (MCRI)

The goal of Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration (MCRI) is to reduce immigration to 300,000 or less annually. That is the historical average and would allow us to meet any conceivable special labor needs, eventually slow our population growth, and still leave the United States with the world's most generous immigration policy.  

Federal policy initiatives:

  1. Reduce immigration to 300,000 annually from all sources.
  2. Limit family reunification to wives and children.
  3. Implement and enforce job eligibility verification system.
  4. Increase INS internal enforcement.
  5. End automatic citizenship for children of illegals.
  6. Stop amnesties for illegals.
  7. Limit refugees to traditional definition: those in danger of persecution of death for political beliefs.

State policy initiatives:

  1. Adopt state resolution demanding Congress reexamine our immigration policies for long term impact on population, environment, education, culture and economy.
  2. Require that municipalities track costs associated with both legal and illegal immigration to assess the benefits and liabilities of immigration policies.
  3. Deny state funding to municipalities that refuse to cooperate with the INS in the apprehension of illegal aliens.

What can you do?

Learn the facts. Learn why three Presidential Commissions examining immigration policy have recommended dramatic reductions in immigration.

MCRI is dedicated to sustainable immigration policies that will benefit all future Americans, both native born and immigrant alike. Midwest Coalition to Reduce Imigration is nonprofit and nonpartisan. Contributions are tax deductible.