Environment activists in Wisconsin are missing the bigger picture

The Cap Times' Paul Fanlund wrote Aug. 31 that Americans should “stop whining and get off their tushes” if they’re serious about protecting the environment.

Does Fanlund mean in the same manner as millions of Americans did in the 1960s and early 1970s, when they lined up behind Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson to address population growth?  (Remember, too, the Rockefeller Commission...

Wisconsin Working Families Party endorses mass-immigration champion Rep. Gwen Moore

Wisconsin Working Families Party (WFP), which says "our economy is out of whack when wages are stagnant and good jobs are harder and harder to come by . . ." wants Rep. Gwen Moore (D-4th) to remain in Congress in order to continue her agenda of supporting illegal aliens and continued high levels of legal immigration.

Why would any organization claiming to care about American workers...

Nashville Tennessean supports illegal alien journalist

Given the news media's dismal record on fair and impartial coverage of the immigration issue, it is only fitting that one of its members come to the aid of a journalist ordered deported 11 years ago, "Free Memphis-based journalist Manuel Duran," "Another View/Nashville Tennessean," April 13.

Duran, who displays the same contempt for our laws and sovereignty as do most of the nation's...

Dave Gorak: Democrats don't want to end illegal immigration

Anybody who has been following our federally-created immigration crisis for any length of time knows that Democrats years ago went over to the Dark Side from their previously held position as the champion of American workers.

Why the party's top priority changed can be seen in our decades-long immigration tsunami that has made the immigrant vote a holy grail that promises long-term...

Pat Nash: A columnist who remains clueless about immigration

Republicans alone are responsible for our continuing illegal immigration crisis, just ask Wisconsinite Pat Nash.

In her Dec. 8 column, Nash writes:

"Republicans have full control of all three branches of government, but have not done the one thing that would end most illegal immigration, such as passing a law requiring a high fine or imprisonment of every employer who hires...

Will Wisconsin do right by American workers if Foxconn plant becomes reality?

It remains to be seen whether the euphoria over Foxconn's decision to build a factory in Wisconsin is justified.

In any event, the last thing this state - and the nation - needs is another magnet for cheap foreign workers, especially the illegal variety. Remember that President Trump repeatedly has said that he wants an immigration policy that puts the interests of American workers...

Dave Gorak: Chicago's business community and mayor dance to the music of illegal alien lobby

Missing in any discussion of President Trump’s executive order threatening to withhold federal funding to the nation’s 300 “sanctuary cities” like Chicago is this question:

Why has a nation of laws allowed itself to deteriorate to the point where people who have deliberately violated our immigration laws are able to arrogantly say to sovereign Americans, “We are here illegally and...

Black attorney notes immigration's impact on black Americans but refuses to hold black leadership accountable

Antonio Moore, a black attorney in Los Angeles, recently wrote an outstanding column addressing mass immigration's negative impact on black Americans, especially those with few skills and little education.

Unfortunately, like other enlightened blacks who have written about this subject, he fails to shine a light on those black "leaders" who have stood mute while our federal...