Does the National Journal employ editors?

I'm not privy to what the National Journal expects of its editors, but this November 4 story from Josh Kraushaar, "Immigration:  Losing Issue For GOP Out West," leads me to think: Not very much.

Here's how Kraushaar's piece begins: 

Talking tough on immigration may have boosted GOP prospects in predominantly white states and districts, but it looks to have backfired in a big way...

NumbersUSA: 1 million voices are making a difference

Polls continue to show that a majority of Americans want an end to illegal immigration and reduced levels of legal immigration.  With so many of our own citizens unable to find full-time jobs, why is our government continuing every month to issue 125,000 green cards to immigrant workers and permitting 8 million illegals to keep their jobs, most of which are in the construction, manufacturing,...

New video by NumbersUSA on Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs
Author/journalist Roy Beck has produced an updated 2010 video discussing immigration and world poverty (6 minutes).  The video clearly and dramatically shows how importing even one million immigrants into the United States each year can not even begin to address world poverty. You can view the video here. 
Voces de la Frontera honored for supporting illegal aliens

Wisconsin media darling Christine Neumann-Ortiz, founder and executive director of Voces de la Frontera, which advocates for illegal aliens under the guise of supporting "immigrant rights," recently received the "Peacemaker of the Year" Award from the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. 

We're wondering whether there are any awards given annually to those who advocate suspending...

GOP's "Pledge to America" sells out America's unemployed

In its 7,852-word "Pledge to America," the Republican Party demonstrates that it is as spineless as the Democrats when it comes to addressing the impact of mass immigration, much of it illegal, on American jobs. 

Nowhere in this document, which mentions "jobs" 15 times, will you find any proposals  for dealing with the fact that while 22 million Americans are unable to find full-time...

Welcome to the MCRI blog!
Welcome to the MCRI blog!  We will be posting more entries here in the future - please check back!
So long, "buddy"

The immigration reduction movement July 7 lost a valiant warrior who selfishly gave of his time and money in order to highlight the impact of illegal immigration on this nation's working poor, particularly black Americans.

I knew Terry Anderson for about 10 years and had the privilege of participating in several events with him. When he spoke, he literally "rocked the house." He was a...