Hillary hires former illegal alien as 'Latino Outreach Director'

A Washington Post syndicated columnist has asked whether presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is sincere in picking activist Lorella Praeli,  the former head of United We Dream, to put herself in good graces with Latinos.

That any politician can be capable of being sincere about anything should come as no surprise to anyone, but I felt that my two cents worth was as valuable as the...

Wisconsin Democrat mirrors hypocrisy of her corrupt party

In her op-ed, "Wisconsin still the Selma of the north,' " that appears in the March 2 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore(D-4th) argues that the state's voter ID law "disenfranchises people of color" in much the same manner as those laws that denied blacks their constitutional rights prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Given Ms. Moore's immigrationvoting record that has...

Luis Gutierrez disses MLK's memory, claims amnesty for illegals is 'Our Selma'

On this 29th annual celebration of Martin Luther King Day, one wonders what Americans committed to King's message have to be thinking in the wake of Rep. Luis Gutierrez's (D-Chicago) Jan. 16 remarks comparing amnesty for illegal aliens to the 1960s civil right movement.

“This is our Selma and we will walk, we will march, we will be arrested, we will do anything and everything it takes...

Wisconsin 'lawmakers' lying through their teeth

When you consider how the Republican Party broke its promise to fight President Obama's lawless executive amnesty for nearly 5 million illegals that includes work permits and Social Security numbers, it's not hard to understand why many Americans rightfully believe that their vote doesn't matter.  Who are we to trust and believe

Before the mid-term elections, the GOP ran thousands of...

Wisconsin columnist remains clueless about immigration's impact on Americans

Baraboo News Republic columnist Pat Nash, who thrives on demonizing Republicans while glorifying Democrats as the saviors of what's left of our democracy, recently led me to believe that she was finally "getting it" in regard to the subject of immigration.

In a November 5 e-mail to me, Nash said a column "was coming" from her noting how both political parties have thrown American...

GOP kneels before Emperor Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens: Michele Bachmann






an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.

Where does Wisconsin's Glenn Grothman stand on immigration?

Republican Glenn Grothman, who Nov. 4 cruised to an easy victory in Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District, has demonstrated by past actions, according to NumbersUSA, that he appreciates the negative impact of our federally created immigration crisis on our society, especially American workers. 

But those of us who demand strict enforcement of our immigration laws have been sorely...

Black journalists untroubled by anti-Black immigration policy

There has never been a question that Black Americans are hurt the most by mass immigration, but Black members of the media, knowing this, arrogantly continue their years-long policy of not making waves when it comes to the continuing flood of foreign workers that the lawless "President" Obama reportedly is poised to intensify by the end of this year.

To be sure, you'll run across the...